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1971 Boss 351 Mustang FOR SALE

About the Bosshorsepower 1971 Boss 351 Mustang FOR SALE


Here is a shining example of a classic muscle car from my BOSSHORSEPOWER.COM collection. Take your time and view this example of a timeless vehicle that makes you feel like "Heading Out To The Highway". Feel free to email me at INFO@BOSSHORSEPOWER.COM for additional pictures or questions about this car. Life is a journey, so enjoy what you drive!

One of the best performing Mustangs of all times? Many seem to think so. These cars accelerate like rockets and were the fastest of all of the Boss Mustangs!
This Boss 351 model is in very original condition. No wacky 70s color combinations here. This Boss 351 was delivered in a timeless light pewter metallic exterior and an all black interior. It still wears it's
original paint over all original and rust free D1ZB stamped sheet metal, shows it's original weather stripping and metal trim, sees through it's original glass, is dressed in it's complete original interior, and has it's correct VIN numbers stamped in the fender aprons, engine block, and transmission case face plate. Preserved Boss 351 cars like this one are becoming increasingly hard, if not impossible to find. I have 3 original build sheets and the real original window sticker as well as the Ford Emminger copy. This Boss 351 has only 30K original miles and has had just 3 previous owners. This car's build sheet date was November 02, 1970, invoice preparation date is November 05, 1970, and the sales delivery date was November 13, 1970. Information from the Boss 351 Registry states that November 05, 1970 was the first invoice date for the Boss 351 Mustang. The Registry also states that only 3 Boss 351 Mustangs were invoiced on November 05, 1970, possibly making this car the earliest Boss 351 ever produced. It has been written up and pictured in both Mustang Monthly and Mustang Times and has earned a Silver Status in the un-restored class at a national level on multiple occasions. This Boss 351 Mustang has spent it's entire life in the Southeastern United States and has been kept out of public viewing since 1995.  Almost every original stock piece for this car not shown in the following pictures has been kept in storage. Incredible documentation. Take this car to the 2019 50th Anniversary of the Boss Mustang show and be part of the celebration at the Boss Reunion August 30th-September 1st 2019. 1971 Boss 351 car is offered for sale at $85,000.00. Car comes with detailed binder of documentation. Will make a package price for the car plus all of the items shown in the over 250 picture photo gallery. Now that's a great way to complete your garage! 

Looks that kill!


Stunning lines and a hood that looks like it is ready to eat some unexpected prey! A unique look that stands alone amongst other muscle cars.

Power that moves!


Fastest of all of the Boss Mustangs. These cars were clocked in the quarter mile at below 13 seconds in the magazines in 1971 on skinny bias ply tires.


listen to the 1971 Mustang Boss 351 run

The sound of this Mustang should be music to your ears. Crank up the sound and imagine yourself behind the wheel!

Mustang Monthly Article on my Boss 351

Read the article about my 1971 Ford Boss 351 Mustang appearing  in the July 1995 edition of Mustang Monthly. Click the download box below to view the pdf.

Mustang Monthly (pdf)


Mustang Times Article on my boss 351 mustang

Read the article about my 1971 Boss 351 Mustang appearing  in the November 1995 edition of Mustang Times. Click the download box below to view the pdf.

Mustang Times (pdf)


Awards Won by my 1971 Boss 351 Mustang

Read the articles about the awards bestowed upon this Boss 351 Mustang.

MCA 1985 Southern Nationals unrestored 1st place

MCA Gulf Coast Regional unrestored 3rd place

MCA 1994 Grand National unrestored Silver

MCA 1995 Gulf Coast Regional unrestored Silver

Click the download box below to view the pdf.

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1971 Boss 351 Engine Detailing

The highest evolution of the 351 Cleveland engine family, the Boss 351 got the full performance treatment from Ford engineering. This story shows not only how to detail a Boss 351 engine, but also goes a long way towards showing how to restore a 351 Cleveland engine. The two have much in common.

So whether you’re working on a Boss 351 or 351C, or you just love looking at a rare, minty engine, we’ve got a treat for you in these next few pages.

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